Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Do You care about Your country?
Do Your friends care about their country?
If the answer is Yes, then I have a story for You...

My name is Iulian and I'm 22. I enjoy traveling to different countries, discovering new cultures and getting to know new people.
But when I talk to foreigners and tell them that I'm from Moldova, few of them know that this is a country, even fewer know where it is situated... How would You feel hearing that people say your country is a town/village, huh?
I care about my country - Moldova, and my friends care, that's why we launched a campaing for getting people aknowledged about Moldova. We don't have money to promote it, the only tools being our network of contacts and modern technologies.
In 2 days Discover Moldova group of Facebook grew to over 360 members, #discoverMoldova on Twitter captivated more than 100 Tweets from only <20 people. And that's only the beginning...
Moldova is a country in the Eastern Europe with over 3.4 mln. people and a rich and diverse history behind, with delicious wines and world famous songs, with great people and rich traditions.
We want You to know that there is such a country Moldova and ask You to tell Your friends about it :).
It all started from one person - Ana and the idea was supported by:
Alta in Lume
Eugen in french

Also feel free to leave a comment and say what is Your country You are proud of.

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Raphael Camargo said...

Congrats for your initiative.

Hope to read a lot more about Moldova around the world.

Best Regards